Montes Management Green Consulting Services

Perhaps you are like other companies who want to make the shift to reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain, but you are not sure where to begin.

You might prefer to buy products from mills that are committed to operating their business in a manner which minimizes their negative impact on the environment.  You want to use paper products that are biodegradable and compostable, but you want help in making good decisions.

How do you begin to make this change?

We eliminate the time and inconvenience you would spend researching Sustainable Companies and Green Products.

Our Green Consulting Services

  • We help you to expand your business sustainability, by offering  cutting-edge consulting services.
  • We support companies with existing sustainability values, and help them build on their successes.
  • We evaluate your company and suggest sustainable solutions.
  • We provide proof of certification from sustainable mills and suppliers.

One government agency was using, and throwing away over 1,ooo vinyl binders each month. The binders were not recyclable, and in fact, ended up in the garbage. That was over 12,000 binders per year, sent directly to the landfill!

The agency wanted to use something that they could recycle and simultaneously cut their costs. Montes Management proposed and manufactured a recyclable 3-ring binder that was made of natural chip board, and was 80% recycled fiber. We saved them $24,000 per year! The agency also benefited from a reduction in our consultation fees, by ordering products from us.

How to Begin

  1. Purchase your products from Montes Management and the hourly fee is waived! We can obtain  virtually any green paper product you need.  We will we assess your business needs free of charge, and go the extra mile to find the best green products for your company.
  2. Stay with your current suppliers and pay us an hourly consultation fee. If  you are happy with your suppliers, but want assistance in making more sustainable choices, we can work with you by evaluating your current work environment, and help you make smarter purchases for your business.

Get started. Contact us today!